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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mr Smith, I Presume?

The paper stock is 80 pounds. The photographs are printed at 1200 dpi. The weight is well... not something you'd tuck into your handbag for a commuter read on the train. And the price...? It's the kind of number where, if you need to ask, you may not be able to afford it. (As the millionaires say.) It's Rodney Smith's new book, The End. And it's one of the most coveted books since Grace Coddington's Grace. (Which is now selling for more than $1000 on Amazon, I see.)

For those not familiar with Mr Rodney Smith, his photographs are some of the most creative ever produced in the modern media arena. In fact, I think he is the greatest photographer in the world today. I won't say anymore, as his work speaks for itself. You can see more at his blog – – which is a fantastic insight into the mind of a brilliant aesthete. Or you can just buy his book.

I would, but I'm too scared to ask the price.

{All images Rodney Smith}

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