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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rose By Any Other Name

Inspired by Mrs Bettina Bachmann's fabulous, tangerine-and-pink boudoir in the post below this, I thought I'd post some more rose-tinged images. Yes, I know – we're all a bit pinked-out this year. But here are a few encores before we close the curtains on the rose show for a while. Thank you pink. It's been a great season.

Fresh figs on a pretty pink-and-white striped platter from Pigotts' gorgeous store in Sydney. 
This is a culinary rehearsal for Christmas. (The figs are just deciding how they're gonna fit.)

 My niece, Alex, in a retro-style pink bikini.
(This shot always reminds me of Ursula Andress in Dr. No.)

Detail of a wall in the Carnavalet Museum, Paris
(NB If you haven't been here and you love all things interior design, then go! It's full of amazing interiors, both the museum's and replicas of famous homes.)

Snapper Lodge at Newport in Sydney.
This cuter-than-cute fisherman's cottage has been photographed a million times for various magazines and books, including one of mine, but it's still fab. Who would have thought all this colour would work in a tiny studio space?

A house in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.
Look at that door! I had a pink fit when I saw it. Even the deck had been painted in pink diamonds. I wish I'd met the owner. I'm sure she had a memorable personality.

The pink-shuttered Doll House on Harbour Island.
I promised more pix of this dainty house and here they are. Did you know you can rent it out? Details are here, if you can cut and paste this mess: (or just Google Doll House, Harbour Island)

Some retro-style bathing caps, spotted hanging on hooks in a friend's pool house.
Aren't these gorgeous? I'll take the pink one, thanks.

The deliriously, gobsmackingly over-the-top, pinker-than-pink Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. 
It's so enormous, I don't think they had any pink paint left in the world when they finished. And yes, those black shapes in the pools are sharks. There were dozens of these shallow pools, FULL of sharks. Bored sharks. Just waiting for a child's toe to dip in... We wouldn't do this in Australia. We have a healthy respect for anything with a fin. Those Bahamians... They like to live on the edge a bit...

That's it. That's all the pink for this year! (And hopefully next...) 
As Elizabeth Taylor famously said: "I fell off my pink cloud with a thud." 

Okay, one more for the road. Here's our dog Coco, getting ready for her big Christmas cabaret... She's playing Liza Minelli this year.

(Oh – and the very top pic is from Tybee Island. You can rent that house out too. Just google "Luscious Little Cottage Tybee Island" and you'll find it!)

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