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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rose-Coloured Glasses...

At the beginning of this year, Pantone announced that the Colour of the Year would be pink. Or, more accurately, honeysuckle pink; a bold, dynamic, cheeky hot pink that exuded confidence, spirit and creativity in equal measure. "The intensity of this festive reddish pink allures and engages," explained Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, of the company's choice to venture down the pink path. Pantone was right in its predictions, because engage it did. 2011 saw so much pink (House Beautiful dedicated an entire magazine to it), that by October we were all pretty much pinked out. Indeed, we've been exposed to so much rose that it's unlikely we'll be seeing it again for a little while. So here, in tribute to this luscious colour, are my favourite pink moments. These are some of the sassiest, sexiest, sweetest pinks I've photographed these past two years. Oh pink, we still love you.

A gorgeous pink door, glimpsed in a tiny cobblestoned rue in the Left Bank of Paris. (Isn't this shade unusual? It's more of a Moroccan pink than a Parisian pink.)

My pink suite at the Pantheon Hotel in Paris. About the prettiest hotel room you can get in Paris...

Styling up photos for my book, Paris, published by Pan Macmillan this month. (As you can see, we ran out of pink macarons because everyone kept eating them!)

The exotic splendour of the tea salon inside the Paris Mosque. Reached via an enchanting walled courtyard, this place is one of the city's loveliest secrets. The Arabian Nights-style pink and green walls are so vibrant, you can't help but smile when you take a seat.

Styling up a shoot for the book, The Modern Kitchen Garden, published by Images Publishing this year. I loved the simplicity, charm and quirkiness of this photograph.

A bedroom in a beach house on Tybee Island, off the coast of Savannah. This shows that hot pink can be delicate and elegant as much as it can be dramatic and audacious.

Another pink-tinged beach house on Tybee Island. Owned by designer Jane Coslick, this was one of the most fabulous houses I've ever photographed. (And stayed in.) Notice the cute white shutters? Such a lovely architectural touch to make the most of the sea breezes.

Walking through pink petals in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris (which perfectly matched my pink shoes).

A pink potting shed on the island of Martha's Vineyard. I snapped this as I was riding past on a bike to yet another photo shoot. Who wouldn't love pottering around in a shed this shade?

The Bloomfield Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. One of this city's most delightful boutique hotels, the Bloomfield is beloved by fashion models and photographers. It's easy to see why...

Anna (who happens to be Savannah's most talented florist as well as being beautiful and kind), on her friend Jane Coslick's bike on Tybee Island. The three of us spent a few days together shooting a book on beach houses, and I was so grateful for both their help and their cheeky humour. The best part was riding around the island on bikes all day! (The most intelligent way to see Tybee.) Don't you adore Jane's pink bike? And the drink holder in front? (Very important accessory when you're coming home from the riverside bar.)

The Doll's House, Harbour Island, Bahamas. I had the good fortune of peeking inside this cuter-than-cute place, which is often booked out for fashion shoots. It was so chic in its retro-inspired simplicity that I wanted to stay all day. (You can hire it as a private hideaway.) I'll post more images of it in a future post on Harbour Island, which I'll do over the coming weeks.

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