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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feeling Gilt(y)

The Christmas season has officially begun in our house. Some lovely neighbours of ours came around today with a gorgeous bottle of Champagne under their well-dressed arms. (We had only invited them for afternoon tea and they turned up with bubbly: that is what I call class!) Feeling festive – and guilty that I only had crumbly old rum balls and chocolates to offer our guests rather than fancy French nibblies more fitting to the drink – I thought I would gather together some lovely Christmas-y pix to kick off the Jule countdown.

Champagne Glasses
I love glasses, and particularly collections of vintage glasses. There is nothing nicer, I think, than offering guests unusual Champagne or wine glasses to drink from. (NB I stole this idea from the Champagne Bar at the Dokhan hotel in Paris!) If you set out a tray of different glasses for your guests, they can choose for themselves, and what's more, they'll know which one is theirs at the end of the night when everybody's drunk too much of the good stuff.

Christmas Nibblies
I don't know if this is taking the gold, frankincense and myrrh a too far, but I love a bit of gilt in the Christmas nibblies. Even sprinkled on top makes for a cute look.

Use your good silver. It's one of the few times in the year when you can!

Dressing up for the festivities
 Okay, so this Balmain frock (photographed at the store in Paris) might be a tad too much, but some of Chanel's classic Gold Fiction nail polish may give your outfit some Christmas sparkle.

Or a gorgeous gold handbag, such as this one that I bought from Kate Spade, just for the occasion...

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