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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dust Jacket Glamour

One of the quirkiest trends influencing modern design libraries, especially those owned by interior designers (who, as we know, are admirably pedantic about aesthetics) is that of refashioned dust jackets. If your book covers are ugly, unsightly, or just don't coordinate in a way that pleases your refined eye, then you can now cover them – much like the contemporary version of recovering one's classics in handsome leather jackets.

Some people, such as India Hicks, are choosing to cover their vintage Penguins in brown paper, with the titles elegantly scripted down the side. Others are opting for eye-catching paper found in stylish paperies in Paris. (Tip: Using different sheets of black and white paper looks distinctive and chic.) I must confess to redressing all my cookbooks in elegant gold or monochrome jackets (above), although it does make it tricky to identify them when you want to find a specific recipe!

These bright pink covers, below, are an inspired idea from the Hable Construction section of Hickory Chair's High Point showroom. {} It's not for everyone, but for a little girl's room, or even a gardening room, it would be an eye-catching library. If you're judging a book by its cover, these are stunning. {Via}

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