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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh, Chanel

I'm currently writing a book about Chanel. (I know, there are several new ones out there at the moment. I'm hoping mine will be different because it's a little whimsical, a little quirky and full of irresistible illustrations.) The problem is, how do you illustrate a book about Chanel without using the iconic logo? (Which is illegal.) Or using images from the collections? (Which I'm certain is also covered by some kind of Karl Lagerfeld law.) You think outside the square, that's how. Or, to be more precise, the interlocking Cs.

Here are some delightful images that I've found that are inspiring us to create some whimsical Chanel-style illustrations and images of our own. (I apologise but the credits for these have been lost; so if they are yours please let me know and I'll duly credit them.)

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