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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You Desire to Inspire!

Just dropping in to say a big heartfelt thank you to the lovely Jo and Kim at Desire to Inspire for listing The Library of Design as one of their "100 Blogs of 2011", alongside great blogs such as Vogue Living and one of my favourites, Field Notes – Your Guide to the Great Indoors.

Many of you may be familiar with Desire to Inspire, which is one of the world's top design blogs. I've loved it for years. Its design insights, ideas, profiles and stories are some of the best in the online world. I don't for one second think that this little blog is up there with DtoI or even Vogue Living, but it is nice to be recognised for the effort that goes into posting, even if it's only a tiny mention in a list of 100 blogs.

While we're on the topic of new blogs, and even great old ones, I'd like to list some of my favs, both here and in my "Kindred Spirits" Reading List to the left. I think it's nice to support other bloggers, especially newbies, and these are all full of great inspiration and conversations.

I'm looking forward to returning to The Library in a few days, and hope you'll like the line-up of posts for early January, including:

• Traditional Shelter Magazines vs Online Blogs (a different take on the topic, being that I'm a former magazine editor!)
• An Architecture Tour of Miami and the Keys
• Secrets of London
• Extraordinary Homes of 2011
• Linen Rooms, Luggage Rooms, Serveries and Other Curious Spaces
• City v Country Life, Part 3

Until then, have a lovely New Year's Eve!


Bourbon and Pearls –
Sweet Paul –
Spoon Fork Bacon –
Zucchini and Chocolate –
The New Victorian Ruralist –
Busy Being Fabulous – or

And this hysterical blog – 

"Trapped by the tawny palette, he struggled through yet another brown knit scarf..."

"Everyone always leaves..."


  1. Congratulations Janelle - can definitely see why you are one of their top blogs of 2011 and so glad I have found you... you are now on my "sidebar" of blogs I follow too!! Happy New Year to you. Sarah x

  2. Woo Hoo another reason to pop the cork on a good bottle of bubbles tonight Janelle! I hope this puts to rest any thoughts of tossing in the bloggie towel, what a fab validation that what you are doing here is good, very good. Have a wonderful night tonight celebrating with your Princes Boy.
    Millie xx

  3. Thank you Millie and Sarah, So lovely to hear from you both, as always. Hope your NYE is full of bubbly, laughter and love. It's steaming hot here and RR and I have spent all day in the sun sawing timber awnings for the windows. (He thought he would get a break from jobs on NYE, didn't he? No chance of that!)
    Now, I'm not sure of blog rules, so I don't know whether I should be posting this here or on your blogs. SO confusing! Will drop by yours as well. Forgive me for not knowing/following the Netiquette. Best wishes to both of you on this gorgeous NYE. Janelle x

  4. Congratulations as well!!
    So exciting isn't it!
    Everyone always leaves... great images!

  5. Very well deserved, Janelle - Congratulations!
    Your lineup for January looks really interesting too, I'm looking forward to reading it all. Hope you had a great celebration on NYE, and wishing you a fabulous 2012. xx

  6. Congratulations and extremely deserved. Looking forward to the Jan post lineup - especially the one on curious spaces. Sounds most informative - bit of history, bit of fun, right up my alley!

  7. Congrats! Well deserved! So glad I found your beautiful blog. Unhappy hipsters is hysterical. A-M xx

  8. I saw your blog in Desire to Inspire, I was your blog impress with your blog, start following you :)

    Glenn Encinares
    from Manila, Philippines


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