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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Map Magazine

A few weeks ago, the lovely editor at map magazine, Mikki Brammer, contacted me to ask if I would agree to an interview. Of course, I said, touched that she would even ask. I didn't know what map magazine was, but she was so professional, and so thorough, during the interview process, I knew it had to be a reputable magazine. Then the issue came in the mail. Well, what a incredible publication it is!

Defined by a sophisticated design that blends quirky elements with easy-to-read pages, map is full of fantastic content, from interesting profiles to whimsical What's On lists. Each issue is themed – the December issue was The Dreamers Issue, and January is The Design Issue – and all of the images, columns and copy are worth poring over. I sat and read it for hours. Furthermore, the level of professionalism that extends through map, from the interview process to the beautifully designed With Comp and business cards, is some of the most impressive I've seen in any company. I particularly love the innovative headlines. (I was dubbed an 'Inspiration Seeker'. How lovely. Wonder if I should put that on my business card?)

You can read it online at Thank you Mikki and map for including me in The Dreamers Issue. I am so thrilled to be part of this beautiful magazine.

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