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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Louis Vuitton's Legendary Trunks

In a previous post, I touched upon the extraordinary design of Louis Vuitton's travel trunks. Now I know that Louis Vuitton and its iconic logo have become a little over-exposed in the past few years, but a century ago it was a truly great company. And it still is, despite the ubiquitous LV symbol. Last year, the Carnavalet Museum in Paris hosted an exhibition of the French luggage firm's most memorable travel trunks, entitled “A Journey into the Capital, Louis Vuitton and Paris”,  and it was packed out from Day One. Every single one of the steamer cases, hat boxes, travel trunks and leather accessories was beautiful, right down to the finely designed handles and brass locks. Here are a few of my favourite. And if you didn't see the exhibition, you can still buy the book Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks.

The Library Trunk, 1936 
Inspired by Hemingway (who had a specially designed Louis Vuitton Library Trunk of his own).

Another Library Trunk.

The Shoe Trunk
Commissioned for the opera star Lily Pons, this trunk was designed to carry 36 pairs of shoes. Because, of course, shoes are very important when you're travelling!

Karl Lagerfeld's Music Trunk
Specially commissioned for him, this Taiga trunk holds 20 iPods, a set of iPod speakers, a subwoofer, and iPod docks. Now Karl can have his own little dance party in his Parisian salon.

The Sleeping Trunk 
Now you don't need to worry about being stuck at airports due to delayed flights. You can just find a quiet corner and whip out this baby.

The Circus Trunk 
(Wonder if they designed one to fit an elephant?)

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