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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas from NY to Savannah

I love seeing how other people celebrate Christmas. Many years ago I lived in Denmark in Scandinavia, where Christmas is cherished as an annual event. Imagine real trees, cut down from yours or a neighbour's forest and then dragged home through the snow; endless feasts of fabulous Scandinavian food; gallons of home-made schnapps (some of them with names that reflect their high-alcohol potency, such as "Grandpa's Underpants"), and a lot of dancing around trees, singing, laughing, and toasting each other with the word "Skål" – many, many times. Nothing has ever compared to those extravagant Christmases experienced in Denmark, but it's still lovely seeing how others accessorise their trees, decorate their homes, dress their pressies and generally gear up for this wild, cypress-lined end-of-year celebration. {Top image via Tricia Foley's book White Christmas}

Christmas in Savannah, Georgia, USA
Well, it's actually Christmas on a tiny island off the coast of Savannah, called Tybee Island, which has to be one of the prettiest islands in America. These Christmas images (below) come from my friend Jane Coslick, who is not only one of the country's most creative designers (her work is on the front cover of Coastal Living this month) but one of the funniest and loveliest. Her decorations are always bright, colourful and a little whimsical, which is just what you want in a beach house! {Via}

Christmas on Long Island, New York, USA
Christmas at the home of another friend, interior designer, stylist and bestselling author Tricia Foley. Nobody does Christmas like Tricia (below). Her decorations are simple, natural and beautiful. As she says, she simply buys green wreaths and roping at the local farmstand and then adds lots of berries and branches to add texture. She'll also harvest privet berries from the hedges, plus snips of cypress, and tuck them into the wreaths or baskets for the doors. The scent, she says, is as much a part of Christmas as the sight. And she should know – she's published a book on Christmas style! {Via}

Christmas in Washington D.C., USA
Christmas decorations in the countryside are always special, but these are particularly lovely (below). They're from one of the most charming homes in America's Pacific Northwest; the gorgeous country farmhouse featured on the equally gorgeous blog Take a look at Trine's blog for some of the most beautiful images of rural life (and Christmas) you're likely to see.

Christmas on Harbour Island, Bahamas
The Landing hotel and restaurant on Harbour Island is one of the most atmospheric little boutique hotels I've ever stayed in. Owned by a lovely Australian and a Bahamian I know and decorated by India Hicks, it's a sublime slice of tropical delight that's equal parts chic and casual. I haven't spent a Christmas or even a New Year on Harbour Island (when the Junkanoo parade brings the streets to life), but I'd love to one day.  It would be the perfect place to put your feet up, drink some of the hotel's Afro Head rum, read a good book and go for long swims in that stunning blue sea. {Via}


  1. you are amazing and so talented!! I will try to link this to my blog

  2. Oh thank you Ms Coslick! But not half as talented as you!! If you could link my blog to yours that would be fab. You just copy the blog line - and then paste it into your Blog List. How is the beach house coming along? Can't return to return to Tybee and ride bikes around the Jane Coslick Restoration Route again... Love to Joe, Anna, Winn and the family. xx


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