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Saturday, December 3, 2011

(Still) Seeing Red

The cute red kitchen in the previous post has started me thinking about the colour red. I can't imagine why I haven't considered it of late because it's difficult to miss it this time of year! I've always loved red, however, and not just at Christmas. How can you resist a colour that looks so luscious? Red is one of the colour wheel's drama queens but it's also one of the colour world's most misunderstood shades. Red isn't as wicked as everyone thinks. After all, it's the colour of summer strawberries, London post boxes, cute frocks, the tunics of the Queen’s Guards, great rosé and gorgeous Chanel lipsticks. Okay, it's also the colour of glamour. Remember Audrey Hepburn sashaying down those Louvre stairs in that strapless red Givenchy dress and white gloves in Funny Face? I always buy my trench coats and luggage in red. (It's amazing how stylish they look when you're travelling through grubby airports – and how much they cheer you up at the end of a long-haul flight.) Beach houses always look good when they’ve got a touch of red. So, too, do flags. And movie stars seem to go far in their Hollywood careers when they die their hair this colour. I’ve even fallen in love with a red head (who looks a little like a young Robert Redford). Here, in tribute to Christmas, are some of my (other) favourite reds.

The Raleigh hotel, Miami
Love this place.

The Beach House, Harbour Island, Bahamas
Part of the Coral Sands hotel, this separate beach house is a brilliant piece of architecture designed by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame.

The Landing hotel and restaurant, Harbour Island
Owned by an Australian and a Bahamian couple I know, it’s one of the best places to spend an evening. (Apparently Mick Jagger loves it.)

A red bathing box at Brighton Beach, Australia.

Hotel de l'Abbaye, Paris
A fantastically chic little hotel (pictured below) in the 6th arrondissement, and a great hideaway if you're partial to the colour red, as I am.

Hotel Maronniers, Paris
Another gorgeous red interior. This hotel (pictured below) is in a great location, just behind the Boulevard Saint-Germain, and not only has a lovely garden but also generally has great rates.

The exquisite Petit Fer Au Cheval cafe, in the Marais, Paris. 
One of the loveliest cafes in all of Paris.

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