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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emerald City

Many of you design-savvy readers will know that emerald has been one of the key colours in decorating this year. (Elle Decor chose it as one of the Top 11 Trends of 2011.) And hasn't it just come out of the colour gates like Black Caviar at the Spring Racing Carnival? Green has not only shot to the front of the design stakes but shown its colours in a magnificent way.

Now I have to confess that I have never really been a green girl. Until now. I have always admired Ladurée's sugary shade whenever I visit their tea salons in Paris, and love Kate Spade's signature emerald whenever I pop into her store near the Flatiron in New York. But it took the burst of fresh, bold greens that appeared in decorating and design this year to really make me a paid-up convert.

Here, in a colour tribute to Christmas (surely the most beautiful green event of the year?) are some of the images that have helped persuade me that I should be joining the green brigade. (Some are a few years old, but their originality hasn't dated.) Forget the old regal greens. The new greens are dramatic, daring, sassy and oh so seductive.

Chanel's much-talked-about Spring 2011 RTW show at the Grand Palais, which was heavily influenced by the highly stylised film Last Year at Marienbad. One of the most beautifully staged fashion shows ever, according to many leading editors and fashion writers, Karl's formal, monochrome garden, complete with fountains and black box hedges, wowed those who saw it live. However, I was more enamoured with the architectural elegance of the Grand Palais. Isn't that building just incredible?

Keira Knightly's famous gown in Atonement – which was colour posing as seduction. Atonement costume designer Jacqueline Durran chose emerald for Keira Knightley’s character because she felt the hue symbolised temptation. Oh – and the library stepladder helped things along a little, too...

The exquisite shoes of Manolo Blahnik. If they did a modern remake of The Wizard of Oz, I think Dorothy should be wearing a pair of emerald Manolos like this, rather than sequined ruby slippers. And if they clashed with the Wicked Witch's costume, well the Wicked Witch can wear tangerine.

One of the most beautiful country houses I've ever seen. The sweep of lawn, the ivy, the charming setting, the romantic roofline, even the pretty terrace... It's all enchanting. Just enchanting. {Image via}

Tricia Guild's London home. The head of Designer Guild certainly has a head for colour and her London residence proves it. The dining room and stairs are painted in the most vivid spring-leaf green. It's so eye-catching and bright she often uses it as a backdrop for photo shoots. It shows that green can look gorgeous with anything – hot pink, white, even turquoise. {Image via December issue of Living etc magazine}

Green damask with pink taffeta. I'm not sure where this image has come from (please let me know if you do), but isn't it sublime? The lipstick-pink drapes, the wallpaper, the fashion illustration, the modern glass desk and the pink bouquet all combine to create a fresh, feminine and thoroughly sophisticated space.

The perfect party setting for either summer or Christmas, this table immediately looks inviting, thanks to the swaying lanterns, the cute cakes and the incredible floral displays. {Image via}

Hermés has always done colour well and this lovely silk scarf shows just how good this famous French  company is at design. {Via Hermés}

Ladurée's signature green. Many people have tried to replicate this delicate shade but it's difficult to do. One of the closest paint shades is Fine Paints of Europe P11130. {Image via Steen}

Kate Spade's Style book. Still one of the best books I've ever purchased, full of wit, whimsy and the most divine illustrations.

 Kate Spade cruisers. Simply irresistible. Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica and Kate Spade have partnered up to offer guests these cheeky little cruisers custom-made by Adeline Adeline for Kate Spade. The perfect vehicle for meandering along the Santa Monica boardwalk, they come complete with a chic bag to store your hat, camera, book and sunscreen, and a customised neighbourhood map showing suggestions for all the best stores and sights in the area. It would be hard to give back...

An image from the Ralph Lauren Home collection. If this is a typical tack room, I'm taking up riding again! {Image via Ralph Lauren}

A lovely green library, which looks like it belongs to a writer, architect or artist. I love spaces that are a little surprising. Look how the blue door leads the way to yet more books? Bliss. It just needs a comfy chaise there and you could be happy here for hours. {Image via apartment therapy}

Another green library, this time from an old Pottery Barn ad. I've always loved this ad. I think I wanted to marry that gentleman when I was younger. I think I wanted to marry him just for that library.

Kate Spade's iconic bathroom with the now-famous Zebras wallpaper by Scalamandre. {Image via World of Interiors}

Our home on the front cover of Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life magazine this month.

The intimate dining room at George Washington's house, Mt Vernon. ({Image via}

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  1. I love that Scalamandre wallpaper - there was a house in Adelaide renovated recently and up for sale that had the yellow and black colourways in the different bathrooms. Here's a link


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