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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Iconic Ad Campaigns

There are some ad campaigns that you remember long after the collections have come and gone. These are the ads that mix fashion with whimsy and humour, and style with sassiness and cute street scenes. They're ads that Grace Coddington could have directed, with Rodney Smith standing behind the camera. They're ads that show a life we often wished we led. In fact, they're ads that we often wish lived in! Here are some ad campaigns that stand out from the rest.

J. Crew. August 2007. Such a cute ad.

Kate Spade. Fall/Winter 2009/2010. The balloon with the polka dots was an inspired idea.

And a few more from Kate Spade's incredibly creative and memorable ad campaigns over the years... (The company was certainly a leader in marketing until the Spades sold it and a little of the magic and talent was sadly lost.)

Lilly Pulitzer (below). The queen of bright colour, bold patterns and cheeky wit.

Ralph Lauren always shoots great ad campaigns. The one with Penelope Cruz (above) was spectacularly glamorous.
Here are two more.

Images from Ralph Lauren ad campaigns throughout 2008. I'm not sure which one I prefer? The image with the gorgeous gilt frames or the image with the gorgeous gentlemen...

These shots are not exactly an ad campaign – they're images from German Amica – but Karl loves the pix of Diana Kruger wearing Chanel so much he's posted them in his diary on the Chanel website. Clever marketing.


  1. Goodness, I have quite a bit of Kate Spade, and had no idea the company had been sold! I quite like the current (ish) line of ads with Blythe Howard starring in them though. The other images are also fab. They really are a powerful marketing tool. Ralph Lauren ads are always quite sumptuous, and I remember buying Safari perfume due to the original ads (I think India Hicks might have been the model in them?) back in the 90's.

  2. As I was the owner of a beautiful Borzoi I loved the Ralph Loren Princess campaign last year!

    After many years spent working in retail advertising I have so many favourite campaigns over the years I wouldn't know where to start. I loved these and I am really enjoying your library!


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