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Monday, November 5, 2012

New York: A Personal Tribute

Recently, I had an email from the Senior Photo Editor of the New York Post newspaper.

"Was this my image?" she wrote, including a link to a photo I'd posted on The Library's blog.
(There were no salutations whatsoever, which quietly annoyed me. When you're writing to a stranger, the least you can do is start off politely.)

"Yes," I replied. (Equal lack of salutation.) "It was. I have the original. It was taken in New York in May this year."

Then I pressed the 'return' key a few lines, before typing the polite but pointed line: "Did you have a query about it?"

I've heard nothing since.
It's a mystery.

Did she want to use my image(s) for the Post? Did she think the photo was hers? Or did she simply think it was a crappy pic and that I should stop waving my camera around? Who knows? The no-salutation Photo Editor never elaborated on her curious email.

So I'm gonna post a few more photos of New York. Let's see if she writes again.

Nobody needs to be reminded that New York is going through a tough time right now. I saw that Marc Jacobs lost his West Village home – "Everything was destroyed!" he said as he was snapped wandering uptown with his dog with a lost expression on his face. But he's just one of thousands. I can't imagine how difficult it must be having cold showers in freezing conditions. Or even running low on battery power, let alone food and alcohol! 

I was going to do a post on writing today, but it seems inappropriate in light of what's happening in Manhattan, New Jersey and the rest of the eastern US states. So I'd like to do a little tribute. To quote Ms Liza Minelli, who wrote and sang the 'New York, New York' song for Martin Scorsese's 1977 film of the same name –

"Come on... 
Come through...
New York, New York..."

New York, we're thinking of you.
We know you'll come through.

BTW, here's the YouTube link to Liza singing this iconic tune in the final famous scene of the movie. Try watching it and not feel chills up your spine when the first keys are played. {link here}

And if you'd like to donate to help the people of New York or New Jersey get back on track, you can do so by sending food, water and other supplies (toiletries / clothes, etc) to Feeding America; World Vision, the Red Cross, or simply jump on Twitter and search for #sandyvolunteer.

PS And yes, if anyone's asking, these are all my pix. You can recognise my photos. They're mostly on a lean.

Coming up very shortly in a future post: Some great new New York hotels to consider for your next visit...


  1. Hi Janelle,
    Love your blog just as much as your books re Paris and gardening. Your garden tour sounds amazing. Love the woman who treated her Mum. Sounds like you are amazing busy and on the go all the time. Your books have given me so much pleasure. Will probably never get to Paris but you have certainly given me a taste of the beauty to be found there. Thank you for brightening up my day.

    1. Hi Karen, You're very welcome. It is you who has brightened my day! x

  2. Such beautiful images Janelle. I love the one of the Library, and the doorman, and the taxi's whizzing past, and I can see why the photo editor was captivated by your stunning images. But I am very puzzled - what on earth is a "Sutlery"?? xxH


Thank you for stopping by. It's always lovely hearing from The Library's readers.

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