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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paris Through Hue-Coloured Glasses...

I love stumbling across gorgeous blogs about Paris, especially if they do aesthetic justice to the city and its glamour and grandeur. Nichole Robertson's blog is simple but full of colour, life and Parisian charms. It's so enchanting, Chronicle gave her a book deal.  It was well deserved. I can't wait to see her photos in print.

I was thrilled to see that one of Nichole's favourite colour combinations is also one of mine. Pale blue and gold isn't a duo that pops up in many people's Pinterests or mood boards but it's starting to be noticed. I've seen glimpses of it in several blogs and magazines lately, perhaps because – like sorbet between courses – its quietly elegant shades offer a visual relief from the bright, bold, saturated colours that are in the design world's focus right now, such as green. (On a little aside, have you seen House Beautiful's March 2012 cover on green? If we keep this up, we'll all be over green by May!)

Pop by Nichole's blog, Little Brown Pen, for some Parisian prettiness. And if that inspires you, pop over to another great Paris website called Hip Paris – – for some more French fantasies. It's where I discovered Nichole this morning, and it's where I go to get a fix of Paris when I can't quite get to the Rue du Bac!


  1. Oh Janelle! Thanks ever so much for these tips - I'm now following both divine blogs. You are a gem for sharing the prettiness. J x

  2. Purchasing a few of Nichole's prints from her etsy shop is on my 2012 List of Must-Do's, she's really living the dream.
    Millie xx


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