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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Glamour of Black and White

Sometimes things just look better in black and white...

(Above pic from Designers Guild's Amalienborg collection.)

 Lazy Chairs by B&B Italia, from Space Furniture. {Via Space}

The Dylan Hotel, Amsterdam. Interior design by Anouska Hempel. {Via Dylan}

Uma Ubud Hotel, Bali.

The Milestone Hotel, London. {Via Milestone}

Cotswold 88 Hotel, Cotswolds.

De Witte Lilie Hotel, Antwerp. {Via De Witte}

The Chantal Apartment, Chez Vous Apartment Rental, Paris. {Via Chez Vous}

Ralph Lauren's Brook Street collection. {Via Ralph Lauren}

Ralph Lauren's Black Sands collection. {Via Ralph Lauren}

Poolside at The Chamberlain hotel, LA. {Via Chamberlain}

Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, 2009.

Old Town, Key West, 2008.

South Beach, Miami, 2009.

The Raleigh, Miami, 2010.


  1. Somethings certainly do!
    Except for the Ralph Lauren Brook Street image I prefer the weight to be on the white side but I think I would like to enlarge and frame the stripes from South Beach (think I might get rid of the blue sky though!!)!!! ~ Julienne

  2. Always very stylish, love the stripes from south beach, and the house at Martha's Vineyard just stunning

  3. I could salivate over black & white images all day Janelle.
    My home is predominately b & w after discovering it's a combination I never tire of.

  4. I love black and white. If anyone is looking for a superb black and white striped cotton fabric - Ikea!

  5. I have just discovered your beautiful blog. I am busy reading all the earlier posts. Interior design and travel are some of my favourite things.
    These black and white interiors are soo glam.

  6. Ah just ethereally beautiful, half of my wallpaper/fabric/rugs hail from Designer's Guild and do you remember Timney Fowler who kicked off the whole black and white vogue in the 80's?
    I would love to live in a white clapboard house.

  7. Yes! Timney Fowler was my first big design obsession. I adored those fabrics. Sue Timney seemed to fly under the radar for a few years after she took over the company, and then a book came out - last year I think, under Pointed Press? - that chronicled her amazing career and talent. Thanks for the reminder Tabitha. Must try and buy a copy. What a good memory you have!

  8. Hi Nana and Poppa Phil (Love the name, by the way!), Thanks for your lovely comments, which I'm always touched to receive.

    Julienne, I'm happy to send you a print of that Miami image, if you email me your address. It's one of my favs too. In fact, we may be able to rustle up a frame for you as well - just cos you're such a lovely commenter!

    Annie, Kate and Claire, Thanks for the wonderful comments. Always love black-and-white followers. It's difficult to stay faithful when there's so much gorgeous colour around, but every time I see it I'm reminded how classic it is.

    Janelle xxx

  9. Both color and B&W have their place but yes...B&W can led some images a bold crispness which is sometimes lacking in color. B&W, in reducing the tonal range, allows us to focus more on the subject in our image as well.


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