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Monday, February 13, 2012

Objects To Covet This Week

So many of us love vintage Vogue covers and photos that it's no wonder Conde Nast has set up a store to cater for demand. Whether you're collecting them to frame, or just browsing for a beautiful gift for a stylish friend, these covers are completely irresistible. And covetable! Just look at this 1964 photo by Cecil Beaton. The Vanity Fair and New Yorker covers are fantastic too.

Dave Eggers must do some serious thinking in his shower. The word meister (McSweeney's) has joined up with 826 Valencia, couture Parisian shower curtain manufacturer Izola and The Thing Quarterly to create an epistolary shower curtain. McSweeney was awarded a TED prize for his creative innovations. It's not surprising. The curtain is available as part of the current Thing Quarterly – a limited edition magazine that seems to be a little like Visionnaire magazine. Only edgier. {}

I love Dash and Albert rugs. The only problem is deciding which ones to buy. You start loving one, and then lean to another, and then wonder if you have room for a third?

I realise summer's almost over here in Australia, but it's still warm through to late March. And of course it's coming over the horizon up there in the northern hemisphere. If you haven't noticed that swimsuits are swinging back to the sexy, glamorous, Hollywood-style piece, then better check out the fashion mags. They're coming back to poolside lounges with a lycra vengeance. My fav new find is Sirens Swimwear, which has some of the prettiest pieces this side of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Danish designer Marlene Birger continues to produce clothes that are so sexy, they could stand on a street corner and pick up all on their own. The Summer 12 collection is dazzling. (Details on the website.) And if you haven't seen her book yet, do look for it. Her homes are as gorgeous as her clothes.

Have you discovered Swedish fashion label Odd Molly yet? No? Well, it's has THE loveliest things. And their pretty tunics are rapidly becoming the tops of choice for many fashion lovers. They're like old-fashioned frocks or pinafores (remember those?), with smocking, curious pockets in delightful places and even writing embroidered in secret spots. I've bought three. The tunics are the best – perfect for tossing over jeans, for picking up the kids, for ducking out to the supermarket, or even wearing to a casual picnic. They'd also be perfect for a weekend away, paired with jeans, some boots and a long cardigan if it's chilly. Browse the website. Some seasons are more subdued than others. The colourful collections are the best. And I just love the website. (For Australian shoppers, the label is available in Eco D stores.)

I've just discovered Mist. I know a lot of people already know about this cute little label but I must have been under a writer's rock somewhere, oblivious to everything. But after discovering this year's collection of dresses at Fenton and Fenton, I'm now a full Mist convert. Look how gorgeous they are? How could you not adore them? Made in Bali, they're full of charm, colour, details and delightful cuts. Great for summer but also fab for autumn wear (cute over jeans) or for throwing in a suitcase when you're travelling as an emergency dress or top if you encounter hot weather.

Everyone knows about Hunter boots but Joules wellies are lovely too – and they're cheaper and quite often prettier. I also love the story behind the company. As the website explains, country people are quite colourful people, but their clothing used to be quite the opposite. So Tom Joules, the founder, designed 100 bright pink wellies. They sold like hot cakes. And Joules was born. For he's a welly good fellow... And so say many of us.


  1. My Vogue covers must be vintage by now I must get them out and look at framing them. The 21 birthday issue was gorgeous if I remember correctly!!!
    My wellies are bright yellow with red roses on them quite bright but I think I just might need a pink pair too...then again I absolutely have to have the red ones with the bow!!!!!
    How wonderful to come home to two posts tonight.
    Julienne xxx

  2. Oh my hormones are racing with clothes lust just now, Spring is just around the corner and soon I can emerge from ...well I'd love to say my cashmere cocoon but it has been more a huddle of old hoodie and sweats.

  3. Oh more things to lust after! However, on the straight and narrow at the moment - saving for a trip to Italy later in the year. If you have any tips (in particular gardens) on Italy, feel free to post!

  4. Janelle..

    I adore New Yorker covers and found a fantastic card this week...I am saving it for SPprint..witty wordplay is fun, especially when it is played with magnets on the frig. :) Love Robyn Cosgrove rugs to in Double Bay? I think....patterns, patterns everwhere..that is what you will find in our house.

    Retro suits bring back great memories...maybe one day. I have been reading a lot about Marlene Birger lately...maybe it's the book...intriguing.. looked in my closet this morning for pink and found very little..I decided I had to correct that...good timing. I get the Mist catalogue..must look.

    This was fun...Happy Valentine's Day Janelle!

    Jeanne xx:)

  5. Jeanne, We bought my partner's brother-in-law fridge scrabble for Christmas. I almost wanted to keep it! Thanks for your kind notes. Am writing madly here, so falling down on thank yous and return emails. Forgive me.
    I bought the Marlene Birger book in NY and then had to cart it back in hand luggage. (Seems I do that a lot.) It's HUGE. But worth it. Her interiors in Copenhagen and Spain are sublime. She very big at the moment.

  6. Hi Claire, Where are you going in Italy? The north has fantastic shopping. All the designer outlets are in Milan and just north of Milan (btw Milan and Lake Como), including Armani, Prada, Valentino, etc. (A lot of the fashion editors try and race to these places after they've seen the shows.) I think there are also a few near Florence?

    Lake Como is one of my favourite places in the world. So unbelievably beautiful. It looks like a painting. George Clooney and lots of celebs have villas there. Bellagio (the village) is picture perfect. And the Italian gardens are amazing.

    Otherwise, must-see places in northern Italy include Portofino, and Cinque Terre. Let me know where you're going and I'll look up my books on Italy.

    Will also do an Italian post soon - just for you.

  7. Thanks Julienne. Glad The Library has cheered you up!

    Thanks also Tabitha. You must be off to LA soon. Plenty of shopping ops there! I just love wandering in and out of the boutiques in Rodeo Drive. The interior merchandising in Ralph Lauren is stunning. I could happily move in and live in that store!

    You should do a post on LA. We'd love all your insights.

  8. Janelle, thank you - you are very kind. The plans are a bit vague at the moment, but we are definitely doing a 5 day walk in the Alps (it is not as scary as it sounds, it is one of those village to village walks), Tuscany and Sicily. I will probably spend a bit time in Rome on my own, because I love it and there is so much I have not seen!
    Really got a thing about gardens at the moment.

  9. I'm ashamed to see I haven't seen Tuscany. But watched Under The Tuscan again the other night and told The Man we HAVE to go! I'd love to do a cycling tour of Tuscany. Not sure about the hills though. A walking tour sounds lovely!

    Do hope I haven't bored you silly with garden posts? God, everybody's probably flopped over their computer keyboards with glazed eyes by now. Oh – one more garden idea - the Villa d'Este just outside is meant to be amazing. I'm sure you could get a tour there? Okay, enough of gardens now!

  10. Claire, Just checked and yes, there are lots of day tours that go from Rome to Villa d'Este at Tivoli and Hadrian's Villa. (If you haven't already been.) You could do both in same day. It might also be a nice way to meet people? Just Google them. I've heard Villa d'Este is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

  11. Love this list Janelle, I'll have to check them out - a few I haven't heard of before! Love Marlene Birger but tend to find her things slightly swamp me. I think I'm too much of a shrimp (5'4") to carry them off!

  12. What a wonderful collection of things to covet Janelle. Love the swimsuit particularly and have not heard of Mist so def. going to check that company out. Gorgeous Marlene Birger clothing but I had not heard about her book - thanks you are a mine of information always! Hope you were spoilt rotten on Valentines Day! Sarah X


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