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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well Red

I've been told I'm being a Christmas Grinch. I've been told that I'm not embracing the Christmas spirit to a sufficient Christmas standard. (Well, it IS only December 3.) I never thought I was a wowser but it does appear that I have lost the spirit of Christmas from the days when I used to live in Denmark. And so, to appease those who feel that I should be celebrating the festive season with a lot more punch (and glogg), here are some Christmas-inspired delights...

The Master of Red Drama isn't Santa Claus but another flamboyant gentleman... Valentino. No one does a red dress like this man. (Via

I've seen this gorgeous Valentino gown a few times but I still love it. Imagine wearing THIS to an office party. I can imagine that longed-for raise would be forthcoming fairly quickly. In fact, wearing this dress, you could probably throw a couple of extra noughts on that figure you mentioned. (Via

More subdued but still very sweet. This cutie is one to wear to a Boxing Day luncheon with the aunts. Imagine it with a pretty hot pink ruffled skirt? It's called the "Seeing Spots" cardigan – which is what I'll probably be doing after too much mulled wine this Christmas Eve. (Via Gourman –

Now THESE are worth being good all year for! Christian Louboutin's 'Eugenie' red satin pumps. Have you ever seen a more glamorous shoe? (Via

Now THIS is what you should be asking Santa for... Come to mama... (Via

Take a bit of festive cheer with you when you go on holidays. The Jets Classique spots collection is a little 1950's retro but still oh-so-sexy. Polka dots have never been so hot. (Via

Estee Lauder's Fig lipstick is so popular that some women have been known to ask their interior designers to match their walls to it. I think it would look beautiful in a dining room, with crisp white trim.

Ralph Lauren's Dressage Red. Interior designer Suzanne Kasler thinks this is the perfect red. "When I look for red I want a pure, true red, like the colour in the American flag," she says. "Ralph Lauren does absolutely the best. It's the essence of red, that American classic red. It makes me think of boating, or polo..."

This is what I received as a belated Chrissy gift from a very kind Santa last year: Louis Vuitton's limited edition volume of 100 Legendary Trunks. (Love the red spine!) What an incredible book. It was inspired by the equally incredible Louis Vuitton exhibition I saw at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris last year: a beautifully curated show of the French company's most memorable travel trunks, such as this, below. It just made you wish you had enough money to commission a set of Louis Vuitton luggage of your own.

Such as this, for example:

The Louis Vuitton Vacation Trunk. Not only does this fine piece of first-class luggage come coated in LV's protective Taiga leather, it features brass fittings, a glamorous red interior finish, a coffee maker, drawers for your laptop, and even a couple of solar panels within to power a flatscreen TV, a DVD player and a two-way radio. Everything you need for a prolonged stay on a desert island, really...

And one last cute pic. Wouldn't this kitchen look gorgeous in a classic old beach house? This would be the perfect setting to create a magical Christmas feast in. (Via

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