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Friday, December 9, 2011

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing site, isn't it? How many of you savvy bloggers use this site to analyse your readers and traffic? I've only just started blogging (despite having this website name for four years), and am rapidly trying to catch up with the systems of social networking. Google Analytics is part of the blogging learning curve.

Google Analytics shows where your readers are from. And how long they linger on your site. For example, I've discovered that most of my readers are Australian, and the majority are from Melbourne. This makes sense as I'm a Melbourne writer – and I also happen to adore this city. I've also discovered that the COLOURED posts are SO much more popular than the monochrome ones. (Are we Melbourne people the only ones in the world who like black and white?) But what was most surprising was that readers in other parts of the world came from the most unlikely places. Such as Alaska. And the UAE.

Google Analytics also shows you which sites your traffic is being referred from. And what keywords they're using to find your blog. (For example, my readers seem to like gardens, travel, hotels and Paris.) These kinds of analytics help you to figure out what your readers really like, and where you should perhaps be concentrating your writing energy.

If you're not using Google Analytics, try it. Just don't look at the "bounce rate". If it's not under 40% it can be a little depressing!

PS If you're a newbie blogger and disillusioned by your stats, don't be. It takes years to build up a readership. And everyone thinks they don't have enough readers. I once met a lovely girl in Savannah called Layla, who writes a blog called The Lettered Cottage. She has – wait for it – 40,000 readers a day. And yet she still feels it's not enough. Don't let your blog stats define who you are.

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  1. I've never noticed bounce rate before mine is 10 %, so does that mean people stay to read? I really have no idea what half of the stats even mean.


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