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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trend {Spot}ting...

The beautifully quirky Kate Spade image of the black balloon in a recent post has started me thinking about polka dots and their classic charm. I've always loved polka dots – almost as much as I love stripes. There's something so cheery about their cheeky playfulness. And if you think polka dots are just for  girls, well, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker shows that they can be downright sexy too. Spots have been huge in fashion and interiors this season, and although the trend may be waning, I think there's still room for some polka dot glamour this coming Australian summer.

Polka de résistance: SJP in a black-and-white polka dot ballgown. How beautiful does she look with her slicked-back hair and her tuxedoed husband standing handsomely beside her? {Image via Ivy and Piper and Gild and Grace}

Going dotty: A page dedicated to polkas from Vogue Australia.

Spot-on style: Sumptuous spots in a sumptuous salon. {Image by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia via This is Glamorous blog}

Coming out in spots: A birthday party setting for Cassandra Lavalle of Coco & Kelly Blogspot.

Doing the polka: British model Jacquetta Wheeler in a sweet Jigsaw frock from the 2011 collection.

Oh my: Michael Kors' memorably sophisticated version of spots.

Join the dots: Tommy Smythe's chic living room, featuring Kelly Wearstler's confetti-printed KWID fabric. {Image via Style Redux blog}

Hitting the spot: A page from Harper's highlighting the playful polka.

Seeing spots: Kate Spade's iconic iPhone cover.

Dot to dot: Kate Spade dinnerwear.

Spots are the new stripes: Playfully spotty sun loungers – the perfect place to spend all day in the sun. {Image via}


  1. I'm devastated Janelle that you didn't feature a pic of the gorgeous Kate Spade handbag I treated myself to earlier in the year. MOTH acted as the model & his hairy arm was the perfect backdrop for this delicious little piece of frivolous indulgence. That's twice I've mentioned his hairy arm in 2 days here, sorry.
    Millie xx
    P.S. Each time I flash the spotty lining of my bag I got ooohs & aaahs from everyone.

  2. Oh Millie, you make me laugh. I'm sure MOTH would make the perfect Kate Spade model. Perhaps you should submit him to their marketing team? I was given a Kate Spade bag by a lovely woman in America last year. It was SO beautiful. I dare not use it in case it ends up wrinkled and full of receipts, lipsticks and To Do notes like all my others.


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