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Monday, May 26, 2014

Parisian Glamour

My apologies if these last few posts have been haphazard. I'm still trying to juggle travelling, photographing, more travelling, more photographing, and, somewhere in between, sorting of images, returning of emails, signing of business contracts, yet more correspondence, and general day-to-day business, such as sleeping! 

I have, and will, add to these last few posts as I go through the dozens of pix – and will show you more discoveries through the week.
My favourite destination today was the Gustave Moreau Museum. What an incredible space. His tiny apartment was almost as beautiful as his extraordinary atelier.

Here are a few snapshots of bright glamour from a rainy, grey Sunday in Paris. 

Dries van Noten's boutique. One of the most beautiful stores in Paris.

Can't wait for Assouline's new 2014 releases, 
including French Riviera in the 1920s.

Loved the sign above Goyard: 
Steamer Trunks; Baskets; Dresses Carefully Packed.

Manuel Canovas's window displays and new fabric collections. 
Love this store as much as Designers Guild in London.

A pedestrian on the Rue Rivoli. 
(She was wearing a hoodie to keep warm, so I suspect she was rushing to a photo shoot in the Tuileries.)

The Gustave Moreau Museum, one of the most beautiful museums in Paris.

Nina's tea store. Just lovely. 
I bought a small canister of Marie Antoinette's 'original tea'. Let's hope it's not the original original tea.

Only in Paris.


  1. Aaah big sigh. Thanks for taking my mind on a little sweet sojourn with these gorgeous images, now back to the Sunday chores - cleaning the bathroom & hanging out another load of washing!!
    Love M xx

    1. Don't worry – I'll be back to cleaning the bathrooms, doing the washing and weeding the (no doubt overgrown) garden when I get home in a week! Hope the job is going well Miss M! J x


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