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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Paris Project

Starting a beautiful new book project, which I'm very grateful to be working on.
Hope to bring you some lovely new discoveries from Paris as I shoot the pages this week.

Here are a few snaps from today.


  1. Hello Janelle,
    I've just discovered your very wonderful blog and wanted to say hello. I found you through Janet ("A Gardener's Cottage") and when I came over, I realized you're the one who wrote the Paris book I read last year!! I was so pleased at the serendipity of it all!

    So now I'm intrigued and must look up your other books and make a study of your blog posts. Your interests are just my cup of tea. I live a very boring and practical life in western Canada (I'm a chemical engineer) but I have a very vivid imaginary life in Paris living in a very old exquisite apartment. You get the picture. Anyway, I already love everything I see here. I did live in Paris as a student and we go there often, but I haven't been to England so I'm excited to read your blog. We were going to come a few years back, but there was that Chunnel fire and our reservation was cancelled! But we have a trip in the works for next year. So discovering your blog is a godsend. I promise to read all your posts from now on. Haha. My best, Terri

  2. Me again. I think I just figured out you're in Australia, not England! All your recent England posts had me certain you were there. But then again, you seem like a traveller so perhaps there is no fixed location for very long. How wonderful to get to follow you around the globe! Having such fun reading various posts. xo

  3. I only recently happened upon your site, Janelle. It's just beautiful. I now look forward to when you appear in my inbox. Thank you. Can't wait for your new book! Debbie

  4. Hi Janelle!
    I recognise that vintage clothing shop in the last shop-isn't it fab?!!
    Happy Travels!


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