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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Truly Beautiful Book Covers...

Sandy Cull is one of my favourite book designers. I first noticed this Melbourne-based freelancer when she designed Carla Coulson's gorgeous book Italian Joy, which was, literally and aesthetically, a book of sheer joy. Since then, I've started noticing that some of my favourite book covers are Sandy Cull ones. I thought I'd share a few of them with you here, along with some other beautiful covers I've noticed recently. (Yes, the top image does seem to be a real cover. Witty, isn't it?)

While we're chatting about books, designs and covers, I would like to wish everyone who has a book up for an award in either the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs, also known as the ‘Academy Awards’ for books), or the Annual Book Design Awards, all the very best of luck. Winners in both competitions are being announced this week as part of the Sydney Writer's Festival. The ABIAs are being announced at a gala dinner at the Ivy Room in Sydney on Friday May 18, and the Book Design Awards at the Powerhouse Museum on Thursday May 17. My little book Paris: A Guide To The City's Creative Heart, is nominated for 'Illustrated Book of the Year 2012' in both competitions, which is a very great honour indeed. I'm very touched to be considered, but all the congratulations must go to the hard-working editors at Plum and the designer Michelle Mackintosh. My photos were only a very small part of the overall design.

So here, in tribute to the talented book designers out there, including Michelle Mackintosh and Sandy Cull, are some of the prettiest book covers floating around in the market at the moment. If, as they say, you can tell a book by its cover, then these look like being beautiful reads, indeed.


  1. Oh, I'm crossing everything crossable for you, Janelle! And I think you're very modest about your work, by the way. Thanks for sharing these - I look forward to adding the 'Melbourne' book to my growing set of 'Hobart' and 'Sydney'. J x

  2. good luck , will be thinking of you

  3. Congratulations on your nominations. That's very exciting!
    You have chosen very pretty covers. I'm one of those terrible people who judge actual books by their covers. It's rather important, I suppose because I'm a visual person, that's how I think.

  4. You like book covers with visual narrative.

    Congrats on the nomination.

    I won a huge book award (honor not money...) and remember well how it felt upon discovery.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Best wishes for next week. The covers are beautiful and I have to admit the right cover can draw me in, in fact
    I would need to have a closer look at each of these!! Will speak to you soon just seem to be in a bit of a dark place at present!!!!

  6. Best of luck Janelle... what an exciting time. I do love Sandy's work... she is so creative and intuitive.

  7. You're right those are some amazing book covers. There's really beauty to be found everywhere!

  8. These book covers are so beautiful and seductive.
    Best of luck with the awards, what a wonderful thing to be nominated.

  9. Interesting post, Janelle. Sophie Cunningham's book cover was what convinced me to buy and read the book. You should have included La Vie Parisienne and the Paris Guide in the list! :-)

  10. All the best for tonight sweetie, you are already a winner in my book!
    Millie xx


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