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Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Illustrated Book in Australia Nominees, Part 2

I wanted to attach these lovely covers to my last post, but Blogger was being mischievous this morning, so I gave up. Hopefully it will behave now. These are the five nominations for the Australian Book Industry's (ABIA) Best Illustrated Book in Australia award, as per the last post. These are all beautiful books, so I do hope you'll pick them up next time you're in a bookstore.

I'm so, so thrilled to be included in this prestigious bunch of authors. I don't mind if I don't win. It's just lovely to be considered.

Lastly, a thousand apologies for not being active on the blog of late. It's been an intense few weeks for us. We bought a tiny investment property last week – a little Georgian house – so I've been running around doing the paperwork. (We ummed and ahhed for ages over a little terrace house in South Yarra. But the house was so tiny it wasn't worth the eye-poppingly high price. And RR and I would have had to share a workspace together – and you KNOW how damaging that can be for marriages!) I've also had to finish writing the Picnic book, and get ready to go to New York late next week. For a moment, I thought I might also have to fly to LA and Paris (today) for a week of work, but the idea of flying around the world four times in one month was making me ill. So I stubbornly stayed home. I know! How can a girl turn down Paris? Must be crazy...

But I promise to reply to your beautiful notes soon – and can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs next week. It will be a lovely respite from sitting in Sydney airport thinking about 18 hours to NY in an economy seat...


  1. I hope you win something for your Paris book, I thought it fabulous and made it my 2011 Christmas present for everyone appropriate.

  2. I haven't seen Tasting India, loved Rose Petal Jam but Paris still wins my vote by a large margin!!
    Is New York to be the scene for the big day? Happy travelling xx

  3. Economy seat from Sydney to brave soul, I have done it many times. So many times, that I now earned status to the Qantas Chairmans Lounge. Let me tell you, it is one of the most coveted things of all my belongings. I wait with bated breath at the end of each year to see if they will extend it for another year. I am good thru December 2012...phew! I think you need to self promote more- get someone to foot the tab and rack up those miles Janelle...First/Business Class is waiting for you and that First Class Lounge at Sydney will never want to leave!

    Happy Travels...

    Jeanne xx

    PS...Luke gorgeous are all his books. I spend 30 minutes in Waterstones with all of them stacked side by side, trying to decide which one. I was in such a kerfuffle over the whole thing, I did not buy one. I decided I need to start with his first and they did not have it. Off to Amazon... :)

  4. I know what I am doing tomorrow lunchtime, I'm hanging out at Folio books!
    Oh those long haul flights require a certain zen attitude.

  5. I think you'll win by a country mile Janelle! Paris is one of the most beautiful books I have ever owned! x

  6. Congratulations! Being nominated is thrilling, I'll bet. Here's hoping you'll win too!!

  7. good luck!! your cover certainly is visually arresting ,

  8. I think they're all beautiful, you're definitely in good company, but yours is the standout. So many congratulation on being very deservingly nominated. I have my fingers crossed for you that you win!

    Oh and good luck on the economy least you're not flying economy with a 21 month old toddler sitting on your lap in the middle of the middle row for 15 hours with your husband seated somewhere else on the plane as it's completely full and the "computer" has messed up the bookings and they can't move you. And they run out of water, snacks and have forgotten to put a toddler meal on the plane for your irritable child. That was a great Qantas experience. Don't worry, they responded to my subsequent complaint with a $200 travel voucher. That made it alllllll worth while!

  9. Congratulations Janelle. It really is a beautiful cover and very much typifies Paris. I must add it to my collection of books about Paris - including of course (the book that accompanied me on my last trip there - La Vie Parisienne. Best of luck! Meaghan

  10. Dear Janelle

    I have your beautiful book here with me in Milan. It has so far already been to Singapore, Budapest and Vienna. So it's been on quite a journey to date. Eventually it will find its way to Paris with us - where it will be well used. Warmest congratulations on your nomination and good luck!
    On Monday we go to Lake Como, so far haven't found any addresses for the places you recommended - if you do hear of them would love to receive any info at our travelling email adress. By the way, regarding your post on hats, love them too, and brought a hat with me from Oz. Have been wearing it a lot as the weather has been very warm and sunny (around 28-30 plus most of the time). It's a panama from Ecuador with a slim black silk band. No Audrey Hepburn number but quite a few people have remarked on it. Have also found some fun things, including a chunky silver bracelet from Rajastan with alternating large and small pieces of clear rock crystal and onyx, bought at a 50% off sale in a lovely boutique in Vienna. All best wishes, Pamela


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