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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beautiful Butler's Pantries (Now Just Need The Butler)

As an addendum to the last post, here are some truly lovely – and more modern – butler's pantries. We're currently fixing up our rather modest version in our home – a decision inspired by the sublime job Willow Decor did with hers. ( However, I don't think it will look anywhere near as spectacular as these serving spaces.

{Images via House Beautiful and Willow Decor blog}

{Via My Kitchen Zoom}

{Via Melicharchitects}


  1. These rooms are stunning, gorgeous images! Am going to pop over to see what Willowdecor has done with hers and also look forward to seeing your before and after pics! x

  2. Where did I put my magic wand? These kitchens are perfection itself!

  3. One day I'll tell you about the stoush that's currently going on with my Butler's pantry. It's on the plans for the new kitchen reno. MOTH has promised me for years, but he has just recently reneged & scrubbed it off the drawings. Stay tuned, the fireworks have only just begun. This glorious post has only made my determination stronger.
    Millie xx


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