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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Please Lend A Hand for Jane and Planet Baby

If you'll forgive me just this once, I would like to use this blog for a good cause. A very good cause. 

You see, we've decided that this Christmas will be the Christmas of Kindness in our household. We've already tried to help a few people in small ways – including helping someone wonderful come on the Garden Tour next May. But this next cause is very dear to my writer's heart.

It's about my dear friend Jane Green, from Life on Planet Baby. {}

Many of you may have already read Jane's insightful, wise and humorous blog.  I know she has a great many followers. And she deserves it. Jane Green is truly one of the kindest, most generous women in the blogging community. She has happily offered me great blogging tips over the year, and will often send lovely, encouraging notes out of the blue. She's also offered what legal advice she could, even when I didn't request it. I know she has been just as kind to many others. It takes a big heart to help others when your own needs are greater, but Jane is like that. She has a mother's heart.

Well, this morning, I heard from a dear friend Millie at The Laurel Hedge that Jane and her family are going through a tough time. To be blunt, they're struggling. They were already finding things hard going on one income (and a reduced one at that), but recently her lovely husband lost his job. She stopped blogging a few weeks ago to try and keep her life afloat. And now we've come to Christmas. 

I am heartbroken for them. Heartbroken.

These are her kiddies – India, Joshua and Sammy. Have you ever seen such sweetness? You can tell they're not brought up on electronic gadgets and other costly toys. You can tell they love books, and playing, and being with each other. I suspect they also love their mum and dad. Very, very much.

If you can help Jane and her family this Christmas, please do. If you have books or toys you can send the kids please post them. If you have $20 or $40 to help with groceries, bills or the mortgage, let me know at janelle(dot)mcculloch(at)bigpond(dot)com – or click here and I'll email you her address to send your cheque and note. You don't need to go via me: you can send things directly to Jane. But I'd rather not put her address on the Internet. Alternatively, here's her business card (above): do feel free to contact her directly with anything you can offer – even if it's only a cyber hug.

Look at this gorgeous triptych.
Can't you just tell they're book lovers?
Kids after my own heart.
(Love the wig India! You'll be off to Hollywood before you know it honey!)

I know this Library blog doesn't get many readers each day – only 1800 or so – but if just some of you can help, I'd be grateful. Alternatively, pass it on to those who know Jane or read her blog. After all, isn't that what the blogging community is all about?

Be kind – whether it's to Jane and her family, or someone else you may know.  
Kindness doesn't take much. It's so easy, that's the thing. But the effects can linger on for months.

With love to all at Christmas.  I'm now off to the post office to send a little parcel!


  1. What an incredibly kind & warm hearted post Janelle, it brought tears to my eyes & I 'm sure Jane will be so touched & appreciative. This is what this time of the year is all about. Rx

    1. I think quite a few people are chipping in Romy. I'm sure it all helps, however small the gesture. x

  2. Thank you Janelle, what a lovely thought, I have a package at my door to be posted tomorrow.xx

    1. Thank you Samantha. Quite a few people have emailed me, so hopefully it's helped the family. Thanks again. x

  3. janelle how very sweet and kind of you. i will send you a email right away. see...kindness is never out of style. ever. xo

  4. Oh Janelle. You have a huge and gorgeous heart. I can't tell you how moved I've been by reading this post. I am overcome with gratitude. Flummoxed and overwhelmed as well. My heartiest thanks to your extraordinary readers who have responded to your request. I will never forget your collective compassion. J x


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