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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black Tie Delights: Tuxes, Top Hats & Tails... Say Hello To 2013

This is supposed to be an Advent Calendar post, but as I've been knee-deep in business admin and book stuff for days I've completely lost track of time. So I hope you'll forgive me if I leave the Advent windows to one side for a moment.

I was thinking of next year – as you do this time of year – and I wondered what note The Library could end on? Then I thought of fashion – as one does during this whirlwind party season – and I thought of tuxes and tails. I'll be wearing one on New Year's Eve in Sydney. It seems like the perfect sartorial point to finish up on.

Tomorrow, Friday and the weekend posts will be the last for this year, and as The Library is taking a long break they're very special ones. We're releasing some preliminary details of our Grand Paris Garden Tour, so I hope those who are interested will pop in to see what we have for you. (Do email me if you're keen: I'll add your name to The Interested List, which is growing by the week.)

I'm off to wrap some more books up for Christmas gifts. In the meantime, here's a look at one of the key trends coming our way next year – The Black Tie Delight.  

Tuxes and tails to help end the year in style. Mr YSL, you would be proud. 
{Top image by Bill Ray}


Peter Beaton's beautiful millinery store on Nantucket Island, off Cape Cod – a favourite of Hilary Clinton. 

Marlene Dietrich in Morocco, 1928. {Source unknown}

A piece from Celine's Spring 2013 collection.
Celine and many of the other recent Spring 2013 fashion shows were all about tuxedos and black tie glamour. {Via Harper's Bazaar}

A piece from Lavin's Spring 2013 collection. {Via Harper's}

A piece from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2013 collection. I think this one is meant to keep off the blowflies? {Via Harper's}

A piece from Ralph Lauren's 2013 Spring collection.

More of Ralph Lauren's tux lux, from the company's elegant online magazine.

Dobson's wickedly whimsical 'Tuxedo' stilettoes. {Via}

A tux-inspired wrap dress, by Diane von Furstenberg. Love this.

Bow-tie pasta. Saw this in New York earlier this year. Fell head-over-bowtie in love with it.

The magnificent Miles Redd.

More of Miles Redd. {Source unknown: will find and insert}

An illustration of the well-known stylist Brad Goreski, who works with Kate Spade. Mr Goreski is famous for his bow ties.

A Kate Spade dress from the most recent collection, inspired by Brad Goreski!

Ashley Olsen.

Our Cate.

Dior's 'Tuxedo' nail lacquer.

The  newest hotel in Hollywood – or Beverly Hills – which is called, very wittily, 'Mr C'. The logo? An irreverent bow-tie gentleman. Very Oscars.

The toiletries at The Plaza hotel in New York, which are finished with little bow ties.

Rachel Taylor, from a GQ Australia shoot. Lookin' good Rach!

Brad Pitt. We know he's fallen out of fashion over the Chanel ad, but let's forgive him. He seems like such a nice guy?

And to finish off... some Christmas cheer from Martha Stewart. How's this for a celebratory setting?

See you tomorrow for a special travel post, and then a special Paris on on Friday... xx


  1. Love those Miles Redd images. I have an ancient black Dinner Jacket with satin lapels that I bought from Joseph in London 13 years ago. I still wear it all.the.time. Best buy ever, definitely a classic. Please make sure to put me on the Interested list for the Paris tour! xx

    1. Joseph makes gorgeous dinner jackets. Hope you can come on the Paris tour Miss Heidi! xx

  2. What a fun party post! I hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Sharon, and a restful New Year. Thanks for popping into The Library this year. xx

  3. Love the Lauren , admittedly the hat is the clincher it's derivative of a Seville riding habit.

    I agree La Rach looks great...the open mouth school of modelling..Im just jealous , I want my hair like that, come to think of it I want my age like that

  4. is that Bardot in the top photo?

    1. I thought it was too. Didn't want to say in case I was wrong, but it does look like her. xx

  5. Sadly I'd have no chance of carrying off the top hat look with a cracker of pygmie-like stature is a major obstacle! However I can help you with the bow tie pasta. Stirling Foodland has got a heap of it in, although at 10 bucks for 250gm. I don't think it will race off the shelves.
    Millie xx

    1. $10??! I think we'll just use the sauce on its own for that price...

      Hope you're not fretting too much about the knee op in January. Just enjoy Christmas. Pull a cracker, have a Champagne and enjoy that beautiful family. Lots of love from here. xx


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