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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Colouring Between The Lines

Some snapshots of colour from the streets of Paris and London this past week.

One of Dior's latest designs.

Dries van Noten at his best.

The artistic windows of Jigsaw in High Street Kensington. 
Very clever. The colours perfectly matched the new collections.

Number Sixteen Hotel.
It's been redecorated. 
Think the old drawing room was prettier, but it's still lovely.

Artiga in Paris. 
A fabulous store of French canvases.

Heywood Hill bookstore in Mayfair.
This was a recent library that had just come in and buyers were already putting their names on the best books! 
Although clearly messy, it still had a great feel to it. I felt like making a small pile too.




Designers Guild.


King's Road.
Loved this painting. I think it's Kew's Palm House?



More Chelsea.

The Left Bank

Chelsea again.
 Peter Beale's rose display was just magnificent.

Next post: One of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

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