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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Perfect Pink Island

Okay, now for some happy snaps. Quite literally. These are snaps that will make you smile. You see, they're images of an island. And not just any island, but one that's prone to the colour pink.

Scroll down. You'll see what I mean.

There's nothing like a pink island to make your lips go up at the sides...

This is Harbour Island, a tiny speck of an island in the Bahamas. Or on the edge of the Bahamas, really.  It takes a little while to get to. But it's worth it, believe me.

First you take a pink plane. A hot pink plane.

Then you land in a tiny airport, and find a local who will drive you to the equally tiny pier, where you jump in one of the local boats. (AKA the taxi service.)

This is how you get to Harbour Island. Like this (above). 

See my luggage next to the beer? Clearly the beer has more priority. And that's how it should be.

Then you follow a few pink signs...

And wander past some astonishingly pink flowers...

And a little more pink shrubbery...

Until you arrive at your hotel, which, in my case, was The Landing.

(More on this sublime place in the next post.)

Because by now I was ready for a pink drink...

But first, The Landing's co-owner Tracy Barry kindly offered me a tour of this gorgeous little island. Beginning with the very pink Dunmore Hotel. (Above.) 

Which Tracy loves.

As did I.

You can see why.

This is the powder room.

Fab, isn't it?

(More on The Landing and The Dunmore in the next post.)

Then we wandered down to the beach, aptly named Pink Sands.

It really is a kind of pretty blush pink.

We also wandered through a few abandoned old buildings. Which were also pink. Naturally.

Isn't it beautiful?

Here's another abandoned building. In pink.

Loved this one.

Look at the patina.

It's a perfect pink.

Here's the cemetery. Which had a gorgeous pink wall and gate.

This person clearly likes pink too.

And when the fake flowers blow off the graves in a hurricane, The Landing's chef collects them and posts them on his golf cart, as a kind of 'floral tribute'. If only the cart were pink too...

This is the Doll's House. Fittingly, it's also in pink.

Even the fences were exquisite.

Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics has just bought this building to create a beach house. (I'm sure I can post this as most people on the island know this.) It was a bar. I think that's a perfect fit: Mr Stewart and an eclectic pink bar on a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean.

And lastly, I noticed these young guys painting an abandoned house one day...

When I walked past again a few hours later, I saw the colour they'd chosen...

I should have guessed, really.


  1. How wonderful! There could be a book in this idea. I have been thrilled to see you back here and I am steadily tracking down your books - love them.
    On pink - I would love this island I am sure despite being a blue person. When we bought our home almost every room was painted or trimmed in pink - including the kitchen. I cannot say how good it felt to see the last of it but my views may well have been coloured by the accompanying brown carpets or the white shag carpet in the main bedroom. Enough said about that - it was no way to treat a late Victorian minor mine manager's house in Central Victoria!

  2. You're right about the pink! Very dreary and rainy Brisbane day here, and looking through your 'pink pics' and do brighten the day! Jennifer x

  3. I have a passion for pink -- would love to visit the island someday!

  4. Where is that abandoned building with the arches? We are going there in November and I would love to shoot it! Thanks!


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