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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Note To New York...

Dear New York,

We really feel for you. (And the rest of the storm-battered states too.)
We hope you recover from Hurricane Sandy soon.
On the flip side, it sure puts on a new spin on the old line: Taking New York by storm...
Keep your spirits up. And perhaps an umbrella too.

Thinking of you. Stay safe.
With love and best wishes,

The Rest of the World


  1. Dear Janelle
    Such a good idea to use your blog to pass on the supoort and good wishes from your readers around the world.

    Like everyone else we've been watching the news and saw how terrifying the storm was. It seems to have done a great deal of damage and it's sad to hear so many lives were lost. But mostly now people seem to be relieved that it wasn't even worse, particularly as there was a nuclear power plant involved in the flooding.
    In Australia too, natural disasters are part of our way of life, with terrible floods and bushfires and cyclones. So I think all Australians have great empathy for others caught up in these terrible situations beyond their control.
    To those who've gone through this dreadful experience, you're in our prayers and our thoughts. With best wishes, Pamela


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