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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Colours of Summer

Here in Australia, we're eagerly awaiting for the buds of spring to bloom, after a seemingly long, cold and unseasonally wet winter. Impatient for some floral gorgeousness, I'm heading to Floriade in Canberra next week to catch the biggest flower festival in Australia, which is on at this time every year. It's my first time at Floriade, and this year's theme is 'Style and Design' so it's sure to be beautiful. The festival is free, so if you can, do make the trip to Canberra to wander among the spectacular garden designs and scented flowerbeds. It's on for four weeks, so you have time to plan. (There are day trips from Sydney for very cheap –$39, I think?)

In the meantime, here's another post on my favourite colours of the moment. I suspect they'll be big for the summer.

Floride Flower Festival, Canberra
An annual celebration of horticulture that attracts half a million people. Doesn't it look like one big fabulous fragrance fest?

A Painted Paen To Blue and Green
Susan Brown, whose works I love, is another fan of green and blue. Here are two of her paintings, entitled 'Blue Green Water' and 'Blue Green Water 2'.'

In The Swim
Another piece of beautiful art, called 'The Swimmer', which was featured in the film Something's Gotta Give. (Jack Nicholson had a big hand in the selection of art for this film. Who knew he had such an eye?)

Classic Paris
One of the prettiest places to stay in Paris is the Hotel Sorbonne. It's the sister (brother?) hotel to the Pantheon Hotel, and just as sophisticated.

Scarf Art
A vintage Hermes scarf, spotted on eBay.

Stepping Out In Style
Ralph Lauren's summery offerings from a recent collection.

Privacy, Please
Kate Moss, in a spectacular Vogue photo shoot at The Ritzz in Paris before the hotel closed last month for a two-year refurbishment. (Via Vogue)

Chanel With A Twist
An elegant Chanel 2.55 bag, in blue and green hues. Love this.

Chanel At Versailles
Chanel's Cruise Collection 2013 show, which was staged at Versailles against a theatrical backdrop of blue and green pavillions.

Deck Delectable
Interior design (or should that be deck design?) by my friend, the gorgeous Jane Coslick, as featured in Savannah magazine.

A Study In Green
The writer AN Wilson's study, as featured in Ben Pentreath's new book on English decoration. (Just published.)

I'll Have The Entree, And The Apron, Thanks
The uniform of the lovely Whitehall restaurant in New York's West Village. Doesn't this look smart? Almost like a cross between an old-fashioned butcher's outfit and a chic barman's get-up.

Artistic Licence
Not sure of source, but love this room. It looks like it belongs to an artist.

Cocktails At Five (Or Anytime, Really)
A coolly glamorous space by the Toronto Interior Design Group. That tufted sofa in powder blue is so beautiful.

Sitting Room Chic
A more subtle take on blue and green, as featured in House Beautiful.

Cafe Kitchen
Not quite green and blue, but still beautiful. The powder blue of the chairs and settee are so unusual. Via House Beautiful.

Sitting Pretty
A design from Firmdale Hotels featuring the fabric of Christopher Farr.  I've seen this fabric a lot now but still love it.

A Gallery To Chinoiserie
(Source unknown)

Outdoor Delights
(Source unknown)

Chaise For Two
Interior design by Eileen Kathryn Boyd. I really love this room.


  1. Some beautiful artwork Janelle, enjoy Floriade, I'm looking forward to some lovely spring weather.x

  2. These colors are so beautiful!!

  3. those rooms are beautiful ..I also love the peg holding the flower on the olive green apron at the Whitehall.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous... have you checked out Chanel's latest Resort collection ?


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