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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Last Botanica Post, Then A Breather...

"Gardeners are the most good humored, courteous, curious people.  I go to the big Seattle Garden Show, and others too, and I am always amazed at the good humor as they stand in line. They never cut or push, and they can always start a lovely conversation. I usually learn something new while I wait."

This touching line was part of an email I received at 3am last night while typing replies to all of you lovely people who've put your hands up for the proposed garden tours. (If I haven't yet replied to you, please bear with me. I will. There were a LOT of emails!) The note was from a delightful woman who lives in Seattle. A great part of the world. It just shows that gardeners are the most beautiful people, aren't they?

I remember standing in line for a water bottle at the Trade Secrets Garden Fair in Connecticut earlier this year. It was almost unbearably hot and my poor man had gone off to sit under a tree in the shade, where he could sneak glances at the cute volunteers. I was in that hot line for 30 minutes. There were 50 of us. And not once did any of us grumble. On the contrary, we exchanged tips on hydrangeas.

You wouldn't see that at a NASCAR race.

Gardeners. I just love them.

Here's another line that touched my heart, from another engaging woman in Colorado.

"This trip would be a gift to my mother, who taught me to appreciate everything lovely.  Mom is a sprightly and young 72-year-old who belongs to the Botanical Garden in Chicago and has an eye for interior design.  I could never do enough for my mother to show her how much I appreciate all she has done for me."

What a wonderful gift. Your mother is very welcome. We'd be honoured to have her.

This tour is shaping up to be very special. A group of charming, witty, kind, gracious and good-humoured people. People with manners, who stand in line and swap gardening tips to pass the time.

People are enquiring about the cost. I'm just trying to cost it all now and will email everyone as soon as I know. It will be affordable though. I promise.

Single travellers needn't worry either. There are single rooms, which are cheaper than doubles and suites. Or you can share a twin. We'll help with that too.

Well, it's 3am here and I've spent most of tonight, and most of last night, trying to reply to everyone. I finally went bed last night at 4.30am. So I'd better leave you now or I fear, like this mossy beauty at Heligan, that I'll go to sleep and never get up again,

Look forward to meeting you all in 2013.


  1. I used to write a garden column, I will so be meeting up with all of you!

  2. amazing post! There's nothing like nature! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. We love a bit of nature here too Miss Fashion-isha! xx

  3. Thank you for affirming there are lovely people like you in the world who love gardens, books, and gracious people. Your tour 2013 sounds perfectly enchanting. And thank you to my s-n-law who carries it forward.....Best, CDT

  4. Thank you CDT. So kind of you to say.
    Your s'n'law sounds lovely. Please pass my thanks to him for forwarding details of the garden tour. I do hope you can come.
    If you haven't yet emailed me your details, feel free to do so at
    (that's janelle(dot)mcculloch)
    Best wishes. J


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