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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paris for Garden and Fashion Lovers

Two of the lovely women who came on last year's Garden Tour are among those from the tour who have stayed in touch – and have since become friends. 

Both of these gorgeous souls are keen to do more tours and both would make brilliant leaders; one used to lead tours for the Art Gallery of NSW and the other founded a literary festival, so both are far better at leading tours than I am! However, I'm happy to offer input on places to go and so today spent a few spare hours in Paris researching gardens, floral-focused hotels, fashion routes and all manner of beautiful things.

Here are a few of the places that may make The List on future itineraries. 

And if you can't make the new tours, don't worry: these places will be featured in a new Parisian guidebook being published early next year.

A wonderful Parisian hotel that I never knew existed until now.

Aren't the window boxes glorious?

The Garden Bookshop in the Tuileries.

The roses in the Luxembourg Garden.

The most beautiful florist in Paris.
(More pix of this below.)

A florist that specialises in (and only sells) geraniums. So very Parisian!

La Droguerie, a gorgeous mercerie.

Another lovely little Paris hotel near the Luxembourg Gardens – and cheap too! Loved staying here just for the wallpaper.

The wonderful Museum of Decorative Arts (Arts Decoratifs).

Vintage Didier Ludot.

The Dries van Noten exhibition. Beautiful.

More from the most beautiful florist in Paris on the border of the 6th and 7th. You could barely enter the store for all the bouquets and blooms – and the fragrances were intoxicating.

The Flower Market. The best way to end the day.


  1. Dear Janelle,
    I enjoyed reading this post. IT bought back pleasant memories of the times I have visited the Luxembourg Gardens. A very nice and somewhat under valued place I always think. When you wrote 'the most beautiful florist in Paris' I was thinking of the one on the Isle de la Cité, but I am not sure now if that is indeed the one.
    And speaking of the Isle, I think that the Isle Saint Louis is another wonderful, and often overlooked. place to visit in Paris.
    Bye for now,

    1. Hi Kirk, The Luxembourg Gardens are gorgeous, aren't they? The islands have some beautiful florists too, and when the Flower Markets are on it's even lovelier.

  2. Such a glorious feast for my eyes this morning!! I haven't been to Paris in several, long years and need to go back. I could begin, end or spend my entire day in a flower market!! Thanks for sharing such beauty.

    1. Hope you get to Paris soon Jennifer! It's always lovely in summer, and the Flower Markets (there seem to be several, as there's one along the Seine as well), are glorious to wander through.

  3. Each picture more glorious than the last ...

  4. Paris is one of the most colourful cities I've ever been to. Sadly, it is not a cheap place to live, if it was, I'd already moved there. It has nothing in common with New York, where I spent 5 years of my life, even Grande Arche de la Défense, which is the business district, doesn't look as cold as most of NYC.

    1. No it's not cheap, unfortunately. Nor is New York. But I love New York too. Manhattan has its own charm, esp pockets like Bryant Park, the Conservatory Gardens and the West Village. Hopefully you will be able to spend some time in Paris one day, perhaps a month or two in the summer. There are some cheap(ish) apartments available. I'll do a post on them soon for you.

  5. To all those who have emailed about the hotels above, I didn't include the names on the blog as we'd like to keep them for the future garden tours. However, I'll email you their names privately. If anybody wants to to know about anything on the blog, just email me privately. I'm always happy to help if I can.


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