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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Importance of Kindness

After seeing the extraordinarily touching Australian Story episode on Tara Winkler and the Cambodian Children's Trust a few weeks ago, I was so moved that I decided to touch base with CCT, who kindly replied right away. (Amazing, given the response they've had). Long story short: I'm heading off on a business trip, and have decided to do a detour to Cambodia, at the invitation of one of CCT's lovely staff.

Supplies are going along.

It doesn't take much to help people. An extra suitcase. A helping hand. A decision to do something, however small, that might just help someone else. I spent a long time assisting a few people early last year with everything from travel advice to logistics, and even travel funds, and a couple of them complained so much that I think I went into shock for a short while. But so many people in our family and in our social circle are quietly generous souls that it rubs off, and you realise how important it is to be kind rather than critical, and to be caring rather than castigatory. After a while, you realise there's no other way to live your life.

If you haven't yet seen this lovely doco on Tara Winkler, you can watch it here. Full episode – Tara Or there's a trailer here: Australian Story - Tara

We'll be moving to a new website shortly, so this and my email will be transferred over, and there may be glitches with the new site and the old/new email. I hope you'll bear with us in the meantime.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in Cambodia. It is a very powerful place. So much light and shade in everything. I still think about Angkor wat. Look forward to your new site!

  2. good on you !!!....have a great rip

  3. 'You're right about helping others.. Im n the board of three not of profit organisations ..2 to do with interest

    Travel funds you say ???/ any left ?

    have a good trip xx


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