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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspiring Instagrams and Other Splendid Sites

If you're feeling uninspired, or would like to bookmark some lovely sites, here are a few that are becoming hugely popular – and for good reason: they're witty, insightful, inspirational, colourful and usually full of interesting glimpses of people's lives.

Robert Couturier's Instagram

A peek into the designer's magnificent home and life.

David Lauren's Instagram 

(Yes, from that family)

This is Glamorous' Tumblr

Online magazine Gardenista

The Style Saloniste

Amanda Brooks' Instagram

The official Hermès Paris Instagram 

An inside look at fashion shoots, upcoming pieces and typically bold accessories.

Pigotts' Instagram

One of my favourite Sydney stores. Nan's taste is impeccable, as is her sister Janie's.
And I love it how they mix images from the store with personal photos from their life and travels. (Look at this glamorous old shot from Lake Como. The gentleman in the suit looks like something from a Merchant Ivory film. Clearly they all dress up to go out to dinner in Bellagio.)

Jasper Conran's Instagram

Mrs Lilien

A gorgeous blog.

The style section of London's FT 

Just splendid, as the sartorially obsessed Londoners would say.

FT also has a great section called How To Spend It, which, thankfully, isn't just for the cashed-up class. Their Gardens and Books sections are particularly good, as are ther  columnists.

And lastly, sometimes a peek at the 'celebrity Instagrams' can unearth some amazing gems. 

Here's Mr Floyd on what appears to be a private plane with a huge and noticeably clean wad of cash beside him, calmly reading the paper...

So many questions, so little time...


  1. Dear Janelle,
    Thank you for introducing me to some interesting websites. I particularly like gardenista and have bookmarked it for later leisure reading! I did like that photo of Bellagio as it reminded me of the holidays that we have spent in hills above nearby Menaggio. Taking the ferry to Bellagio is almost as nice as actually being there!
    Bye for now

  2. There is something just so beautiful about sidesaddle riding and that veil. I am trying to get into instagram and I do follow the ones you have mentioned and they are great but I must admit I find pinterest a lot more addictive!


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