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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Hollywood Hills

A day or so ago, while waiting at LAX airport, I did a quick post on an extraordinary garden that belongs to friends who live in the Hollywood Hills. 

Unfortunately, I had to delete it, because a) they lived in an extremely private gated estate full of Grade A (ie Oscar-winning) celebs and I didn't feel I could really feature the stars' houses in such a public forum, and b) the garden is part of a feature being included in a new magazine that's being published later this year. However, when my friend (who owns the garden with her husband) saw that I had deleted it, she kindly emailed me to say I could re-instate it, with her blessing. So I have, but have deleted all the stars' names, and the name of the estate, out of respect for all concerned.

I feel really fortunate to have been able to visit this somewhat secret part of LA, and to have also visited one or two of the 'names' that live here. Even if my haze of jetlag, I could recognise that it was a very special treat.

Thank you Jill for being so gracious and generous with your time. I am so very grateful.

PS Having trouble with comments, so have simply added them manually. Suspect my laptop has jetlag too... Thanks so much for the lovely notes Penelope, Elizabeth, Linda and Sarah. Very grateful. Stephanie – I'll email you re the magazine shortly. Just trying to finish writing the Provence book this week. x

penelopebianchi has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills"
Awesome! I am third-generation Pasadena; and I haven't ever heard of it either! What a treasure!!! LOVE!!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills":
I have never heard of this neighborhood, what a special place. You are blessed to have such friends. Their garden is spectacular.

Linda C. has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills":
Hi Janelle, glad you are back in blogland. You HAVE been really busy haven't you.
Keep well.

Sarah has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills":
How incredible! What a beautiful place to live and you are so fortunate to know such a wonderful person. Gorgeous photographs. Safe travels.... x

pve design has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills":
Beautiful and decadent in many ways. Reminds me of a bygone era. Love all your images and thanks for taking us on a tour. pve

smr has left a new comment on your post "The Hollywood Hills.":
What an extraordinary oasis with fountains, pools, terracotta roof tiles and white walls. Its interesting how this mediterranean /spanish influence never really took off in Sydney apart from a few houses designed by Professor Leslie Wilkinson ..


  1. looks gorgeous and I am loving all that sun x

  2. This area looks absolutely dreamy to live in! P.s. I caught your post before you deleted it What a privilege to read it but I agree you did the right thing to remove the names ;)

  3. Dear Janelle
    Wow! What a fabulous garden, it has certainly given me ideas of what to do with my balcony, given my renewed enthusiasm for gardening.
    Thank you for organising such a wonderful tour, so many pinch me moments! Also, what a fabulous bunch of people to meet. I echo Victoria's sentiments - the best holiday of my life.
    Travel safely.
    Paula x

  4. I read your initial post and savoured the sun drenched images with delight.

    Fortunately we're having remarkably good weather in the old smoke at the moment, or else I'd feel green with envy at all that verdant Hollywood Hills charm.

  5. Thank you for posting these inspirational designs. Always love to see tilework incorporated in exotic garden schemes!

  6. That place is so many parts stunning, Janelle. No wonder it took your breath away! J x

  7. Janelle. You managed to capture the essence and beauty of Scott's gardens. Thanks so much for sharing his designs with the world. Perhaps its his next career. Loved having you visit, so do it again.

  8. Thanks so much Janelle for the lovely post and the exquisite photos of Scott's gardens. We loved having you come to the casa with your energy and creativity. Hope that the article works out great. Perhaps this will be Scott's next venture - Garden Artist.
    Appreciate your reposting without the names of our neighbors. Very smart.

  9. oh and can you link my daughter's blog to your site. It's such a sweet site.
    thanks again jill


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