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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola's New Hotel

Some people are so innately creative, their talents don't stop at just one thing. Sofia and Francis Ford Coppolas are two such aesthetes. If making successful movies wasn't enough, now they're venturing into hotels – and what sublime hotels they are!

The latest project is Palazzo Margherita, a magnificent, magical painted palace set in its own lush gardens in southern Italy, in a town that was the birthplace of Coppola's grandfather. The decor was a combined effort between Coppola (is there no end to this director's talents?) and the well-known French designer Jacques Grange.

There are Baroque, inspired hand-painted fresco ceilings, exotic tiled floors and rooms decorated with understated Italian glamour.

It is beautiful. Just beautiful. No wonder Sofia chose the setting for her wedding last year.

For more details, see or or click here.


  1. Oh, swooning in Hobart, Janelle! Aesthete is the perfect word to describe those two. Thanks for sharing. J x

  2. I can so see myself on that bike..or maybe just sitting on the bench watching the world go by.
    Just devine.


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