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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paris in the Winter

I love Paris in the winter. Most people don’t realise that Paris is more beautiful going into the colder months than at any other time. Under a dignified sky the shade of Dior grey, you can see the ‘bones’ of the city, including its noble architecture, through the brittle branchs of the trees. Somehow, the city seems finer, grander, and more spectaculaire. The shimmering cognac shade of the Seine under the morning sun (which changes through the day to a luminous petrol blue and finally to a silver the colour of evening slippers at twilight), the grand Aubusson grey of the famous cobblestoned avenues and the fine huître (oyster) shell grey of the architecture all co-ordinate to give the city an almost gentlemanly feel. The city is distingué (distinguished), poised and more handsome than Vincent Cassel.

Here are some images of Paris in this glorious season of starkly sophisticated beauty.

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